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8 months ago
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Don’t let what is changing make you lose sight of what stays constant.

In 5 days, I am going to be beginning a new chapter of my life in Colorado. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been fascinated with everything about Colorado. And now, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be able to pick up my life and move it there for a few months, or maybe even a few years….who knows… certainly not me.

With this blessing comes a great deal of uncertainties and stress. I have never lived away from my friends and family and been “on my own”. But as soon as I said “on my own” out loud, i realized how absurd that sounded. I am far from being alone on this journey. Through the Lord’s blessing, I have an incredible support system that stretches across the country in the form of my beautiful friends and family. I’m never in this alone. I trust that the Lord is bringing me to this place of vulnerability in order to grow and trust Him more.

9 months ago
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